Apply for our Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) is an elected cohort of emerging arts leaders that steers, plans, and implements the programs and development of EAL/LA. This unique program provides professional development experience and training through the process of steering an organization and carrying out its mission.

The LC is made up of three committees: Programming, Development, and Marketing/Communications. A sub-committee manages the Protégé program.


  • $350 Professional Development Scholarship

  • Access to co-working desk and space rental at Thymele Arts

  • Control of your professional development experience, skill-building, and programming

  • Additional workshops exclusively for LC members produced by the Managing Director and Advisory Board

  • Free workshops at the Center for Non-Profit Management

  • Insider access to workshop scholarships, events tickets, and job opportunities for organizations around town

  • Connection to nationwide network of EAL groups, as well as direct connection to the CAL-Now network of Emerging Arts Professionals groups in California

  • Through the CAL-Now network, access to state-wide programming and convenings

  • Access to our Advisory Board of established arts leaders for mentorship and guidance

  • Fellowship and friendships with other emerging arts leaders in Los Angeles

  • An official EAL/LA pin and notebook

I got involved with EAL/LA in my early 20s, during a time when I was feeling lost and overwhelmed in my career. The people I met helped me to find my place in the arts, and remain some of my closest friends and professional confidantes. EAL/LA is a fabulous place to learn, question, grow and meet others who are passionate about arts and culture.
— Camille Schenkkan, Center Theatre Group

Who should apply?

Our members span a large range of experiences, expertise, job histories, and career levels. LC members have worked in Arts education, development, as theatre producers, in graphic design positions, government, and more.

Perhaps you’ve just graduated from college and want a pipeline into a career in the arts.

Maybe you’re a creative or performer and would like to gain experience as a leader in your sector.

Did you recently switch careers from outside the arts sector to inside, and need more professional development and community within the arts?

Are you an early or mid-career arts professional who is seeking a promotion, new job, or new role within your company?

It could be that you just love was EAL/LA does, and would like to be part of our world…

These are only a few of the reasons you should apply!

What is the selection process?

Follow the “APPLY” links to submit your application.

The Leadership Council will not be seeking experienced professionals to fill positions. In other words, we aren’t looking into your job experience for development experience to serve on the Development Committee.

Instead, we will be seeking candidates who are looking to grow skill sets they don’t currently possess.

Once we’ve received applications, we open it up to our Membership for the “election” process.

Once the election is closed, the LC curates the next LC cohort, based on current needs of the organization, votes, and applications.

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What is does the commitment look like?

LC members are elected to the LC for the period of July 1 to June 30, EAL/LA’s fiscal year. You election demonstrates an intention to commit for the whole year. Expect to spend about six hours a month on EAL/LA meetings and event attendance. Most LC members spend 2-8 more hours a month working on EAL/LA related things. You may not miss more than 25% of our meetings and events in the fiscal year.

Leadership Council members are expected to serve on one of our committees (Development, Marketing & Outreach, Programming).

We understand that schedules vary, so the Leadership Council tries to change the times of day, and days of the week, on which events are programmed.

If childcare is holding you back from applying, please email to discuss how we can potentially support you in your leadership journey.


Below are deadlines and important dates.

Applications Open - May 17, 2019
Applications Close - June 8, 2019
Mixer for LC & Applicants - June TBD (this mixer is not required but you are encouraged to attend)
New Members Notified - June 29, 2019
On-boarding Retreat - Saturday, July 13, 2019