Leadership Council

Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles is run by a group of mostly volunteers elected by the general membership. There are many different ways to get involved with varying levels of membership. 

General Membership

Becoming a member of EAL/LA is easy and free. Sign up through the website or at one of our events. (If you get our emails, you’re a member!) We invite members to help shape EAL/LA’s future direction by attending events or any of the committee meetings and suggesting strategies and activities. Members also vote in annual elections of the leadership council.


The leadership council supports three committees: development, marketing & communications, and programming. The development committee is in charge of fundraising initiatives. The programming committee is responsible for developing and implementing public programs. The marketing & communications committee leads outreach and communications. Each committee is led by co-chairs for a one-year term. At-Large Members are eligible to be elected as co-chairs after one year on the LC. Any EAL/LA member may participate in committee meetings.

Leadership Council

The leadership council (LC) is the elected governing body and the driving force behind EAL/LA. The LC, with the support of general members, plans and implements the programs, events, and activities of the organization. There are 20 members of the LC including committee co-chairs and at-large members. The LC is led by co-chairs with the support of the managing director. Chairs of the committees are eligible to be elected LC co-chairs after one year of committee service.

At-Large Members

At-large members (ALM) support the work of EAL/LA’s committees. They are ambassadors in the community and help drive the organization forward. ALMs are elected by EAL/LA’s general membership for one-year terms to serve on one or more committees during their tenure. After the inaugural year of service, ALMs are eligible to run for a committee co-chair role.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board includes alumni members of EAL/LA who we consider "emerged". Their goal is to support EAL/LA through networking and resources they have available. 


Below, you will find the directory for our current Leadership Council. 


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