Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) is the elected governing body and the driving force behind EAL/LA. The LC, with the support of general members, plans and implements the programs, events, and activities of the organization. There are 20 members of the LC including committee co-chairs and At-large Members. The LC is led by co-chairs with the support of the managing director. Chairs of the committees are eligible to be elected LC co-chairs after one year of committee service.

At-Large Members

At-large Members (ALM) support the work of EAL/LA’s committees. They are ambassadors in the community and help drive the organization forward. ALMs are elected by EAL/LA’s general membership for one-year terms to serve on one or more committees during their tenure. After the inaugural year of service, ALMs are eligible to run for a committee co-chair role. 

Below, you will find the directory for our current Leadership Council. 


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