Get more involved in EAL/LA. Join the Leadership Council!

EAL/LA has 11 open spots for At-Large Members of the Leadership Council (LC). The LC is a volunteer committee that steers, plans, and implements EAL/LA’s programming and services. At-Large Members (ALM) ensure the mission and vision of EAL/LA are fulfilled by providing hands-on work in programming, marketing and communications, and development.

What are the benefits of being an ALM?

  • $350 personal Professional Development Fund

  • Free classes at the Center for Nonprofit Management

  • Hands-on professional development, board service, and leadership experience

  • New friends & networks galore (citywide, statewide, and nationwide)!


Being an ALM can be a lot of work, and it’s all volunteer, but it can be a lot of fun too. As an ALM, you’ll get $350 to spend on your own professional development. What constitutes professional development is largely up to you. In the last year ALMs have spent their professional development funds on attending classes and conferences, finishing their albums, attending Broadway shows, and more. We just ask that you share your experience at an LC meeting and in the form of a blog post. You can also expand your skills at the Center for Nonprofit Management, and you’ll have tons of opportunities to network with current and emerged arts leaders in Los Angeles, across California, and on the national level.  

What are the responsibilities of an ALM?

  • Be an engaged member of EAL/LA and the LC (attendance at a minimum of 75% of meetings)

  • Attend monthly meetings and events (about 2-3 per month)

  • Be an ambassador for EAL/LA at events, at your job, with your friends, etc.

You can expect to spend about six hours a month on EAL/LA meeting and event attendance. Most LC members spend 2-8 more hours a month working on EAL/LA related things. That’s around 10 hours a month. We expect that you miss no more than 25% of our meetings and events. Our fiscal year is July 1 to June 30, and we ask that you commit for at least a year. There are lots of other ways to participate if you don’t have the time for an ALM term right now: come to events, attend a committee meeting, or email any LC members with your ideas or questions.

How to apply

To apply for the position, fill out this form with a short biography (250 words) and statement of intent (250 words) by June 5. The statement of intent should address your professional development goals, your involvement in the LA arts community, and what you feel you can contribute to the Leadership Council. Also email us your resume at Your biography and statement of intent will be shared online as part of the election process, so voters can learn more about the candidates and make an informed decision. Your resume will be for internal evaluation purposes only.

Important dates:

  • Applications open: May 13

  • Website launch: May 24

  • Applications due: June 5

  • Election opens: June 13

  • Election closes: June 26

  • LC Welcome Retreat: July 23*

 *New ALMs MUST attend the welcome retreat on July 23.


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