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Passionate about innovative concert design and production, I used my stipend to travel up to San Francisco and help produce One Found Sound's gala, entitled "3.0 LUX." With the theme set simply as "light" and a collaboration with Symmetry Labs strong, I loved what OFS was after, and wanted every bit of their funding to focus on the musicians and the unique light installation. I felt that this was my creative way of still making something happen, while not weighing on their focused budget line items. Here's a quick clip showcasing the final result, where the "Sugar Cubes" respond and interweave with the live orchestra music in real time:



I am most certainly a kinesthetic learner, and I do feel that some professional development has to happen "in real time" or "on the job." It's funny, because as I continue to produce concerts and music festivals, I'm always taking note on what I'm learning, how I can do better in the future, and what I'm now doing much better thanks to past experiences. It seems basic, but professional development in my mind means just that, developing through professional experiences, over and over again - just like how you'd develop in the practice room learning new pieces of music, or going to a conference and learning different interactions or engagement - it's not just about the knowledge, but also the repetition, practice, and how the knowledge is then applied that makes the difference. Sure, this can't be the case in all scenarios, but I like to think all that effort in the conservatory practice room wasn't just for scales! 


So, I first met this unconducted chamber orchestra as a percussionist, performing in their December show last year. It was after that concert I mentioned to them that I am in fact also an LA-based producer that truly revels in working with NPOs to help ensure their programs and designs are a wild success. It was an instant spark, and we soon kept in touch looking forward to the spring.


Calling a show is not easy, and other aspect of these funds included supporting the rental of in-ear headset radios from Skye Rentals, essential for any production team in my opinion. Watching my company BEAR continue to grow and expand, I decided it was time to hire a graphics designer to truly create my unique logo. And so, the remainder of the funds went to support the contracting of this little guy, thanks to the excellent work of Andrew Kuhar:


Inline image 1


...I hear we look alike?? ;-p


Thanks for reading!



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