Leadership Council

If you'd like to take a more active role in EAL/LA, consider joining Leadership Council (LC) as an At-Large Member. At-Large Members (ALM) ensure the mission of vision of EAL/LA are fulfilled by providing hands-on work in programming, marketing and communications, and development.

To apply to for ALM elections, submit a short statement of intent (250 words) here. Your statement of intent should address your background, professional development goals, your involvement in the LA arts community, and what you feel you can contribute to the Leadership Council. You also must submit your resume to info@ealla.org. 

Applications for the Leadership Council are now open! Click here to apply! Applications are due June 18. 

Benefits of being an ALM

  • $350 Personal Professional Development Fund
  • Free classes at the Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Hands-on professional development, board service, and leadership experience
  • New friends & networks galore (citywide, statewide & nationwide)!

Responsibilities of an ALM

  • Be an engaged member of EAL/LA and the LC (attendance at a minimum of 75% of meetings)
  • Attend monthly meetings and events (about 2-3 per month)
  • Devote about 2-8 hours a month on LC work
  • Be an ambassador for EAL/LA at events, at your job, with your friends, etc.

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