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Nicole Arca

Bio: Nicole Arca is a growing arts professional who seeks to make the arts accessible to all communities through proactive arts advocacy. She is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, where she received her B.A. in Media Studies and minor in Theater. She’s also a proud alumna of Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. As an undergraduate, Nicole spent her summers interning in Los Angeles—first, as an intern for Center Theatre Group through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission (2014) and second, for FilAm Arts through the Getty Foundation Multicultural Undergraduate Internship (2015). After her internship with FilAm Arts, she served as Marketing Assistant for the organization’s 24th Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture. In Berkeley, she served as Editor-in-Chief of {m}aganda magazine (2014-15) and Co-Producer of the Pilipino American Alliance’s Pilipino Cultural Night (2015-16). She has also worked for UC Berkeley’s Department of Music; Department of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies; and Cal Performances, where she provided administrative support. As an artist, Nicole has written original content for the Vagina Monologues at Cal and a production called Open Lab: Identity & Belonging. Currently, Nicole blogs for Kollaboration.org, and has written for numerous platforms such as The Culture Trip, Spoon University, and BARE Magazine. Nicole plans to attain a Masters Degree with an emphasis in arts management. In the meantime, she will be working as the Public Arts Administration Assistant under the Getty Foundation MUI Program with the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) in Venice.

Statement of Intent: As an At-Large Member of EAL/LA, it would be an honor to serve the LA arts community and beyond by applying my highly organized, collaborative, and communicative working style in support of EAL/LA’s marketing and communications sector. My strengths lie in writing/editing, publications, media production, and community outreach, and I believe that all of these are crucial to inclusive and effective community engagement. As an ALM, it would be my goal to work according to the needs of the community, and to start or continue conversations about how we as the EAL/LA can best serve our constituents. Of course, I I was first exposed to Emerging Arts Leaders of Los Angeles during my time at Center Theatre Group, where I was invited to an EAL/LA Summer Soiree. At the event, I made meaningful connections with aspiring arts professionals like myself, and thereby realized how effective and necessary EAL/LA is in a booming, dynamic arts landscape! seek to develop professionally and add on to my existing knowledge about non-profit arts administration. Importantly, serving as an At-Large Member would allow me to continue learning about the LA arts community. I consider Los Angeles to be my home, yet I realize that there’s still a lot left to learn! In addition to contributing to my professional growth, EAL/LA would help me grow personally with the people around me, who are working towards the same goal of serving our community through the arts.

Jaime Lynn Becker

Bio: Artwork, music and performance are at the hub of all of my fundraising events. I am an artist myself and adore working side by side emerging to established artists and connecting them to unique charitable outreach events and community engagement activities. I am also a produced playwright, and TV writer and have taught writing and art to children in hospitals and have led adult workshops. To say that I love the arts is an understatement... I ADORE The Arts!

Statement of Intent: One of my greatest attributes and skill sets is creative problem solving. Typically, individuals who want to throw an event for a nonprofit have come to me looking for fundraising events that need to be produced and managed on a $0 budget so the organization can maximize the dollars going back to the cause. I’ve used my strong negotiating skills to acquire discounted prices and/or full donations of services or products for these fundraisers. I always have the mindset that I will ascertain all items and/or services and needs at either a lowered cost or at a complete donation and it has never failed me. Creating an event/program from scratch and watching it grow is incredible. The collaborative brainstorming, coming up with engaging, transformative ideas and then seeing your hardwork in action and impacting the community ... there is nothing better.

Alex Bogdanov

Bio: The J. Paul Getty Trust - Office of Development 2014 - Present USC Annenberg School of Communication - 2013 - 2014 UC Santa Barbara - MFA in Art (installation and performance) - 2011 - 2013 Life and art in St. Petersburg, Russia 2010 - 2011 The Starr Foundation (major grant-making org in NYC) | 2006 - 2010 Kenyon College, Ohio - Undergraduate English Major | 2006 - 2010 Other: AlexBogdanov.com Bi-cultural/Bi-lingual: Russian-American

Statement of Intent: I am in the early stages of developing a career in Fundraising at the J. Paul Getty Trust. I am also starting Collective Actions, an LA non-profit with an initial focus on commissioning works of art in the public space. I seek a network of peers to learn from about LA's arts landscape. At these early phases of my career in arts fundraising and the development of Collective Actions, it is essential for me to build working relationships with a group of people who are navigating the same, uniquely LA, arts audiences, resources, and obstacles/challenges. I am an artist, administrator, and fellow Angeleno - I can bring to the table my experiences in philanthropy, creative work, and project management.

Olivia Cordell

Bio: Originally from Portland, OR, I moved to Los Angeles three years ago to begin studying at the University of Southern California. Like many performers, I began acting and writing for the stage when I was very young and have continued both for the last fourteen years. I study public relations with an emphasis in entertainment, and work as an online brand consultant for various brands and individuals, including Center Theatre Group’s Young Producer’s Circle. That means I run social media accounts, research SEO, write content, and more. My flexible schedule means that I can balance my studies, my work, and my passion for the arts. This last year I studied abroad at the British American Drama Academy in London, which opened my eyes to the power of theatre as a collaborative art. Now, I don’t just want to act and write – I want to produce, direct, engage, and impact audiences of all kinds. I currently work as publicist and future producer for a student theatre group at USC called the Aeneid Theatre Company, which produces contemporary, classical, and experimental non-musical plays. This fall I will co-produce a production of Equus, which I’m very excited to work on as it will be my first experience producing a play. I used to consider myself an actor or a playwright or a publicist, depending on the situation. But now I simply consider myself an artist, because (as my friends have heard me declare many times) I just desperately need to make art happen!

Statement of Intent: After spending a year immersed in London’s thriving theatrical arts environment, I’ve returned to LA with a renewed passion to create art. I saw theatre there that I’ve never encountered before – mindblowing new works that inspired me to devote all of myself to producing art of the same caliber. I’ve worked for Center Theatre Group for a year in social media and development, and through my job I have been introduced and exposed to theatres of all size across LA. Moreover, because I’ve been acting my whole life, most of my friends are actors working with theatres such as the Blank Theatre, Skylight Theatre, Ensemble Theatre, Rogue Artists, and so many more. I spend almost all of my time seeing and supporting theatre in LA. I would love to introduce the LA theatre scene to the kind of new works I experienced in London, which is why my current goals include writing numerous new plays (I have three in the works!) and producing at least three shows in the next year. Two shows will be produced at my school, and the third I would like to produce at the Hollywood Fringe in the summer of 2017. From there, I would love to continue producing new work. As an online brand consultant, I can offer the EAL/LA LC a professional public relations perspective on reaching new audiences through SEO and social media engagement. I’m very excited to work with other emerging artists and promote the arts community in LA!

Laura Elizabeth Nieto

Bio: My most vivid childhood memories involve art and activism; performing ballet and marching through Los Angeles in support of civil rights. In both of these experiences, I found opportunities to express and serve, advance and nurture my communities. In dance as in chanting, one can feel the pulse of people, cultures, ideas and dreams. Studying Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies in college, I learned about the language and mechanics of power systems. My studies led me to pursue professional opportunities in the non profit social justice sector. Working at an immigration law firm advocating for the rights of victims of violent crimes. I was reminded me of the healing function of channeling emotional moments into artistic practices. It was then that I began practicing printmaking as a medium of expression, exploring the juncture of art and advocacy. After graduating, I worked as an organizer and in development at a major player in LA’s fair wage and environmentalist policy making efforts. In both of these capacities, I met individuals fighting for a higher quality of life and was struck by their ingenuity and creativity. Always an admirer of art, at this moment I knew I needed to become a part of the arts community - to serve and support existing efforts to provide greater access to creative practices and artmaking for all Angelenos. Currently, I work at the LA County Arts Commission and for Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Dia de los Muertos event.

Statement of Intent: As a new addition to the professional administrators in the arts community, my love for the field is deep and through this opportunity, I hope to deepen my understanding of the field itself - its history, challenges, and how we as a community can meaningfully support the activation and actualization of its highest potential. I dream of advocating for national investments in the arts via cultural policymaking that works outside of the traditional framework to be more inclusive of the multiple forms of expression that have and continue to exist in marginalized communities. I believe the arts can serve as a catalyst for personal and social change. My involvement in the arts began as a child in the Latino arts and dance community. Recently, I’ve become involved in cultural healing practices which led to a new role as Director-in-Training of Altars at Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Dia de los Muertos event. In this role, I hope to bridge communities and cultures to explore spiritual traditions as healing practices and public and performance art. As a member of the Leadership Council, I’d like to explore the connections between our work and the creative economy, and opportunities for collaboration with governmental structures to position EAL as a resource to those who seek the advice of creative entities in their work. Los Angeles is in a special time of reimagining what and whom we reflect. I am passionate about being a part of this beautiful movement towards defining ourselves authentically for the very first time.

Christine Kim

Bio: Christine Kim is an arts education advocate, writer, musician, and California native. She is currently the Development Manager at Education Through Music-Los Angeles, an arts non-profit that partners with inner city schools with the mission to provide and promote music education as part of the core curriculum in order to enhance students’ academic achievement, as well creative and general development. Christine grew up playing flute in youth orchestras across Los Angeles and recognizes its significance in shaping the lives of children. She joined the ETM-LA team in the fall of 2013 after a year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA member for the School for the Visual Arts and Humanities, Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools. Serving as a VISTA was one the defining moments in her life, and the experience served as a catalyst for choosing a career in the non-profit arts sector. Christine is currently a member of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassadors Network. She is dedicated to raising awareness for arts education and is committed to creating opportunities for individuals to collaborate and share ideas on how to foster creativity and promote the arts.

Statement of Intent: I discovered Emerging Arts Leaders when I read the study by the Hewlett Foundation on “Moving Arts Leadership Forward,” and was excited to learn about this group after searching for opportunities to collaborate with other arts professionals. I hope to bring my development background, as well as my commitment to arts education to the Leadership Council. As an individual passionate about creating and promoting cultural and artistic opportunities, I hope to work with other individuals on the Leadership Council to build a robust calendar of programming for young arts professionals and the greater Los Angeles Community. As the Development Manager at Education Through Music-Los Angeles, I participated in the LA DoGooder Hackathon in 2014, and worked with local filmmakers to raise awareness for music education by creating a short film to share with the community. In addition, I have managed the ETM-LA Associates Board for the past three years. This board provides opportunities for young professionals in various industries such as education, entertainment, finance, law, and medicine to raise awareness and support for music education through their networks. I also co-chair the inter-Ivy Blue Reads book club at ETM-LA, and recognize the importance of gathering individuals to discuss literature and plan cultural opportunities. One of my professional goals is to learn to serve the community more effectively through my role in my nonprofit as an arts administrator and as a community member.

Kristen Klehr

Bio:Los Angeles-based percussionist Kristen Klehr performs regularly with recording artist Miss Dana James. Well versed in many genres of percussion, Kristen was classically trained at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music and plays drum set, marimba, orchestral percussion, and a variety of world percussion instruments. In her spare time, she enjoys working on an evolving marimba/voice project and loves collaborating with other singer/songwriters in the city. Kristen completed her master's degree from Florida State University in Arts Administration and is also passionate about arts advocacy, helping young non-profits thrive, and innovative concert design. After many years of successfully managing and producing other music festivals, she is taking the leap and launching her own company this summer, BEAR. Learn more here: www.producedbybear.com and www.kristenklehr.com.

Statement of Intent: Stepping into my third year of living in Los Angeles this fall, I am interested in taking a more vested interest in the arts community here and heightening my involvement with the future of arts engagement with this city. I have embraced arts leadership roles in the past within young professional groups and thoroughly enjoy carrying various groups' initiatives into vibrant fruition. My past successes include Co-Chairing the Cleveland Young Arts Professionals Network as well as participating in the Cleveland Connexion panels that facilitated the establishment of Engage! Cleveland, the leading young professionals organization in Greater Cleveland that now represents over 80 YP organizations. While in graduate school at Florida State, my personality fit well holding the Director of Networking Chair in the local Arts Administration Student Association, and I am passionate about continuing to help make connections for colleagues within the arts field and beyond. Within the Leadership Council, I believe I could greatly offer my wide range of unique connections and partnerships, knowledge and background of producing arts events, as well as my infectious enthusiasm of "the power of the arts." Also, this is still probably my favorite PSA to date: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdMwTLbboBQ

Sarah Little

Bio: After graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama with a degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice, Sarah moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the arts. She has since been the director of the Echo Theater Company’s Playtime in partnership with The Art of Elysium and developed theater for and with kids in residential treatment facilities across Los Angeles, a Social Skills therapist for young people diagnosed with developmental disabilities, and a Collaborative Learning Project Manager in the Education Department at the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Sarah has a long history in arts and education and credits most of her passion and discipline to her Indiana high school marching band where she played mellophone. Her professional motto, “no one left unheard” is indicative of her drive for arts education and a desire to bring a voice to underserved and diverse communities through the arts. She believes that in order for these communities to be reached, a strong leadership of programmers and teaching artists need a supportive network in order to create clear pathways for creative communication. She is dedicated to helping people to connect with their world in authentic and meaningful ways. She regularly listens from Mozart to John Adams for six days of the week, and on the seventh day, she rocks.

Statement of Intent: From my experience at an under-performing public high school in Indiana, to a prestigious theater school in Scotland, to running my own theater program in Los Angeles, I've learned it is obvious that the Arts serves as a catalyst for culture-building and gives participants confidence that has the potential to be reflected in every aspect of their lives and communities. I’ve been involved in the LA Arts community in a variety of ways. I’ve been a director of the Echo Theatre Company’s education wing, have had experience in a children’s acting studio, and been a back-up singer. Most recently, I help to improve professional developments for Los Angeles Philharmonic teaching artists and music teachers throughout LA County. I attend meetings of the Teaching Artists Guild. I keep up with 99-seat theatres and regularly attend galleries across the county. I learned valuable lessons having worked in the field of psychology for just over five years. I decided to leave that career path and have since returned to the Arts. I have a demonstrated a deep capacity to think critically, communicate effectively and solve complex problems creatively. I have the intellectual and interpersonal skills that will help contribute to innovation and collaboration in the LA Arts scene. As an At-Large Member of the Leadership Council, I would develop my abilities to encourage mutual understanding between agencies, learn best practices of supporting leadership of teaching artists at the local and regional levels to foster change in the communities we serve.

Alyssa Mannis

Bio: Hi there! My name is Alyssa. I'm authentically and creatively living, working and inhaling the dry desert air of Los Angeles, CA. By day I’m the Assistant Director of Visual Arts at L.A. GOAL, a non-profit that provides innovative programs and services for adults with developmental disabilities. By night, I paint. I’m currently looking for opportunities that allow me to: 1. Actively build a creative community and foster collaborative relationships 2. Utilize my leadership skills to bring about personal and societal evolution 3. Challenge myself and others creatively 4. Create opportunities for myself and others to improve their lives I'm fascinated by: Color, the amorphous, biology, people & human interaction, and met and discarded expectations. I love helping others bring creative ideas to life. I believe in the power of creativity as a tool; if used correctly, it can radically promote and enable both personal and societal (r)evolution.

Statement of Intent: Self expression defines a huge part of what it means to be human. The ability to communicate allows the individual to make sense of herself and her world, and to create both meaningful and authentic relationships. As a creative leader within my community, I am constantly looking for opportunities to provide inspiration and accessibility of self expression for those I serve. While looking for these opportunities rewards me with moments of daily inspiration, I find myself in a place of frustration and depletion when it comes to concurrently providing the same opportunities for myself. As creative leaders it is not only our job to lead those around us, but also to create fulfilling and meaningful lives for ourselves so that we may lead inspirationally, authentically and energetically. This is a vital action that I’m sure is often overlooked by some young professionals, especially when first starting to build a career. I would love to become involved with EAL/LA in order to help create a space and resource for myself and other emerging creative leaders to make the time for self improvement and creative nourishment, so that we can, as your vision states, continue to successfully and sustainably enrich the cultural ecology of Los Angeles.

J. Alexandra (Alex) Mathews

Bio: Alex grew up internationally and throughout the U.S. She has been a Los Angeles based artist, certified yoga instructor, and arts leader focused in administration, programming, and advocacy since 2007. She attended UCLA and received a B.A. from World Arts and Cultures/Dance. Since 2012, she has served as the Program Manager for the Herb Alpert Award in the Arts, which annually awards mid career experimental artists unrestricted prizes of 75K. She's worked as a Managing Director with Pentacle, an administrative resource for contemporary dance and performance artists, and as an administrator at Bates Dance Festival during its 30th anniversary year. From June 2014-2015, she stepped in as the interim Executive Director for the Dance Resource Center, a local service organization that is the hub and voice for LA dance. She continues her work with the DRC as the Associate Director, Director of Programming. She recently graduated from a Kundalini teacher training, participated in EAL/LA’s Protégé program, took her first mixed media/collage class at Barnsdall Art Park, and was accepted in the Southern California Leadership Network through the LA Chamber of Commerce.

Statement of Intent: I am continuously exploring and activating my voice, skills, and impact in the arts. With the support of EAL/LA’s Protégé program, this past year has been particularly focused in further reflecting on and developing my role in the community. I see myself rapidly evolving as a mindful leader within this field and intend to keep elevating my abilities to thoughtfully and distinctly make an impact on local and national levels. With a love for critical discussions, program development, curating, production, and strategizing I am excited by the possibility of supporting the mission and vision of EAL/LA alongside other passionate and stimulating individuals!

Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx

Bio: Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx is a 2016 National Directors Fellowship Finalist and a 2015 Emerging Arts Leader Protégé. He is Vice Chair of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and has served on the California Arts Council and Los Angeles County Arts Commission grant review panels. Muñoz-Proulx is Founding Artistic Director of Arts Bottega and is a script nominator for The Kilroy List. He has taught at the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts, where he serves on the Inclusion & Equity Committee. He has also taught at the Los Angeles High School of the Arts, where he developed the campus’ first directing course. Muñoz-Proulx has worked with Pasadena Playhouse, Center Theatre Group, Playwrights’ Arena at Los Angeles Theatre Center, A Noise Within, East West Players, Pacific Resident Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre/Los Angeles, Skylight Theatre Company and Watts Village Theatre Company, among others. His directing credits include Follow (L.A. Broadway World Nomination), Piano Man (Best of Hollywood Fringe Festival), Angels In America, Our Town, Cloud Tectonics, Dracula, I Am To Die Soon, Blind Me Tender, Living Creatures, That Long Damn Dark, and Comedy Death And A New Ferarri. Muñoz-Proulx is a graduate of the USC School of Dramatic.

Statement of Intent:  I am a stage director. I come to you with a ferocious commitment to arts administration and to the theatre. I have chosen my lane, and my focus is tight. Every project I lead reveals what I stand for. Every choice I make is a contribution to the national dialogue. I strive to infuse every production I direct with unimpeachable, epiphanic moments of recognition.
In the past year, I have directed four projects: three were new plays written by women, two were written by playwrights of color, two explored non-Western traditions, and all were cast with at least half of the ensemble made up of women and featuring women in the leading roles.
I am committed to creating opportunities for artists from drivers backgrounds and with diverse voices. I have begun to challenge Los Angeles’ pattern of presenting theatre from and about New York, which is often more specifically about straight, white, upper-middle class families. I advocate for investing in L.A.-centric stories - Our Stories. Decades from now, it is important that L.A. has a cultural identity and legacy of its own. We cannot achieve this by simply loading onto our stages the visions and narratives grown in Manhattan. As Los Angeles artists and advocates, we have a responsibility to mine for and nurture the voices of our communities. I am committed to decentralizing where our stories come from and in expanding the American Theatre Cannon to include not only west coast voices, but everything west of the Mississippi.

Corinne Pedulla

Bio: I am a passionate visual artist who has devoted her life to the visual arts, music, and teaching. I've shown my paintings in galleries on the East Coast and West and continue to create with the end goal being able to sell my work as well as market myself. I have worked for non-profit art organizations in the past as well as help the disabled and elderly through art therapy. I am 33 with a bright future ahead doing what I love. I work in downtown Pomona at the dA Center for the Arts as a Mix Media Arts Instructor on and off site.

Statement of Intent: I'd like to further my professional career as an artist so that I can share my talents and experience with the world. I believe we can help people heal and progress through the arts.

Isabella Petrini

Bio: Isabella Petrini is an LA born, Chicago raised, NY trained theatre artist. Although each of these cities hold their own special place in her heart, she is specifically passionate for the theatre community of Los Angeles, aspiring to help it grow, change and create a greater impact in American theatre. After graduating from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, she founded BAE Theatre with Emily Keaney, on a mission to motivate change in the individual, the community and the world. She compiled, directed, produced and acted in BAE’s first original work, “Missed Connections,” a piece of documentary theatre composed of real-life entries from the Los Angeles Craigslist forum. The show completed a highly successful run and was recognized by TimeOut LA as one of the “4 can’t-miss productions” at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival. She is currently producing and acting in BAE’s latest production, “Matt & Ben,” beginning its second run of performances at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. As she continues to prep for BAE’s autumn, 9/11 commemoration production of “Recent Tragic Events,” she also works as a discussion facilitator for Center Theatre Group. At the Kirk Douglas Theatre and the Mark Taper Forum, she has the opportunity to get up close and personal with patrons first hand, learning how to better serve her audience and community. Through recommendations from these patrons, she and Emily make a point to attend many diverse productions throughout the city, in an effort to better understand and support the LA theatre community.

Statement of Intent: If granted entry to the At-Large Leadership Council, I would have access to many resources to help further BAE Theatre as a young company that can better give back to the Los Angeles community. Through the courses offered by EAL, I hope to polish and shape BAE Theatre into a more sustainable, intriguing and effective artistic vehicle, while interacting with other dynamic artists in the council. This year BAE added another production to our annual season. I hope that through the education and resources of the EAL, we can continue to add productions to our season as well as upgrade to larger venues, better serving more patrons. I also hope to be a resource to other board members through my experience in independent producing and participation in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. We all have skills and tools we can use to support each others’ work. I would love support the other members through attending their events and projects, while learning from the stories they tell and the means they use to tell them. I feel that I would be an asset to the EAL Development subcommittee. Having organized, brainstormed and produced many types of fundraisers and I would love to be in the room where it happens with other artists who excel in this area! From crowd-sourcing to restaurant partnerships to fitness events, I’ve seen all kinds of successful fundraisers out and would love to work with other passionate professionals at EAL to bring our ideas to life.

Traci Takahara Slacum

Bio: I am an Asian American who was born, grew up, resides and works in Los Angeles. Here--I got my first exposures to performing arts—music, a dance group, museum field trips and experimental theater. In college I started to think about arts administration through dance and music history classes. I was mesmerized by stories, but also learned about production and performance costs. I earned an MBA at USC. I was saddened to learn about the drop in attendance and support for performing arts due to aging out of audiences. I saw the importance for strategic planning, partnership and development involved by watching my director's development relationship with donors when I interned at the Museum of Jurassic Technology as part of the Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Intern Program. I am an idea and people person; produced an educational dance concert at The Getty. I help gather people to work towards common goals. The inter-institutional partnerships I initiated as an educational coordinator at the La Brea Tar Pits & Museum grew field trip attendance to 64,000 and my LACMA, CAFAM and Petersen partners accomplished their goals using our mantra "One bus--two field trips." LAUSD restructured their transportation department to mirror us. The following year NHM's guest relations capped attendance. I still work in museums where I give talks about exhibits. However, my current project is research to improve the state of performing arts to help increase audience awareness to drive ticket sales and to create new development support.

Statement of Intent: My goal is to improve the state of Los Angeles performing arts by helping dance companies grow and flourish. Because the performing arts are interrelated, an improvement in one will positively impact the others. I am a good at marketing--research, creating networks, identifying opportunities and promoting ideas. I am willing to serve as a resource for other young arts leaders to help develop these skills and to facilitate dialogue and encouragement. I will use my professional development funds to gain knowledge and reinvest it back into our arts community to multiply benefits. I recently made a trip to New York to speak with education, marketing and development professionals at number of dance companies and Lincoln Center. Regardless of discipline--all departments were involved in marketing. The openness with which Alvin Ailey and American Ballet Theatre shared audience marketing and development tools occurred because they realize an active performing arts audience in Los Angeles means bigger touring audiences for them--we're on the same team. I felt like I experienced a personal EAL/LA "Creative Conversation.” I made a donation in gratitude. The second leg of my research trip involved attending the American Alliance of Museums annual conference where I learned about director issues, board management and new programming partnerships. I was delighted to have both directors of an art museum and ballet company offer information about using audience collectives to create mutual benefits for their outdoor summer program partnership. I am willing to share what I learn and hope to serve you on EAL/LA's leadership team.

Leah Vincent

Bio: I am a professional dancer with Navarasa Dance Theater and also serve as an associate manager for the company. I train in Kalari ppayattu martial arts, Bharatanatyam classical dance, yoga, theater and contemporary dance. I have been working with Navarasa since 2012, when I switched to a career in the arts and as a dancer. I grew up in Ohio and earned my B.A. in Spanish and Ancient Greek as well as my M.A. in Latin American Studies from Ohio University. Because of my background in languages, I also currently work as a translator, interpreter and Spanish tutor. I love to study languages and consider each form of dance also as a language. When I was 12 years old, I convinced myself I could never become a professional dancer and the arts were relegated to a hobby status that received little attention as I pursued my academic career. Then, when I nearly 30, I met my amazing teachers at Navarasa and I realized that it was possible after all to pursue my love. I moved with the company when they relocated to Los Angeles in 2013. The past four years of training and performing have only been a drop in the ocean of the rich movement traditions I have decided to pursue. I hope to not only mature in these art forms, but also to eventually practice somatic healing methods and explore poetry through dance.

Statement of Intent: When I switched to a career in the arts, I realized very quickly that it is not enough to just be a dancer. I also need marketing, programming, fundraising, and budgeting skills. The larger systems in which we operate offer few resources for marginalized forms of dance. My professional development goals include (1) strategic planning and (2) expanding my network. Because our company is so specific, I am seeking how to best make use of our time and resources so that we contact the right people and make the right decisions. I am also interested in the sustainability of our organization and in documenting the oeuvre of my directors. Networking is also crucial. Meeting new people helps me learn how to communicate more effectively about our company; I expand my awareness of the field; and I learn from more experienced people. Since I moved to L.A., I have taken part in Center for Cultural Innovation’s Business of Art course, and attended many events organized by Dance Resource Center. I have performed at East West Players, Aratani Theater, Temecula DanceXchange, San Pedro TriArts Festival, and attended performances at USC’s Bovard Auditorium, Royce Hall, and Bootleg Theater, among others. I bring a unique perspective to the Leadership Council. I have traveled and lived in other countries and my worldview has greatly expanded because of this. I am also an advocate for marginalized and immigrant voices within the dance theater world and would like to see more discussion and decisions based on equity.

Wilson Vu

Wilson Vu began dancing at the age of 5 at Westminster Performing Arts Center and Dance Precisions in Orange County, CA, training in all styles of dance. He furthered his training at Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts, where he was a principle dancer in the Repertoire Dance Company, a non-profit dance company based in Orange County under the direction of Marie Hoffman. In 2014, Wilson graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.F.A. in Dance/Performance & Choreography and a B.A. in Psychology. During his time at the university he has been a member of the UCSB Dance Company and has gotten the opportunity to perform in Italy and Prague, as well as being able to teach a series of master classes for Prague Junior National Ballet and Florence Institute of the Arts. He also performed as a guest artist in Santa Barbara Dance Theatre’s Time in Motion. Wilson received a full ride scholarship to study dance education under the direction of Jody Arnhold in 2014. During his time in New York he had the opportunity to perform with Mike Esperenza's BARE Dance Company. He is currently the Academic Affairs Coordinator at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, where he works closely with Faculty such as Jodie Gates, William Forsythe, Desmond Richardson, Patrick Corbin, Thomas McManus, Zippora Karz, and Fiona Lummis.

Statement of Intent: I am writing to express my enthusiasm in applying to be an At Large Member for your organization. Not only do I intend to serve, but to represent EAL/LA to its fullest extent in the greater Los Angeles area. Being currently involved with USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, as their Academic Affairs Coordinator, I am surrounded by young artists, as well as seasoned. This inspiring environment has taught me that arts in Los Angeles have the potential to be greater in regards to mentoring the younger generations. The interactions between those who are hungry for knowledge and growth and those who feed the thirsts of the young artists’ minds are encouraging for a brighter future in the arts for the Los Angeles community. I want to become more involved with the community to help younger artists achieve their potential, see what is possible, and to provide guidance, as well as to grow alongside with them. Arts is about the human growth and how the world is constantly shifting, whether is may be physical, social, or political. The arts are reflective and I genuinely believe that in order for the arts to be sustainable is through the act of nurturing and welcoming the new.

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