Funding Dramatist Play Service Performance Rights



With $150 of my professional development, I paid for a portion of the amateur theatrical rights to the play I recently put on, Recent Tragic Events by Craig Wright.

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Self-Care Kit for Creatives, a Professional Development Blog

If you’re anything like me, you like to be busy. Down time almost feels wrong. If you’re anything like me, you also don’t realize just how much of a toll a lack of down-time can have on you… until it’s too late. I’ve taken the past six months to become acutely aware of my own burn-out signals to better take care of myself before a burn-out happens. Working full-time on top of pursuing outside passions and an actively job searching can be stressful, but there are ways to make your experience much more fruitful and enjoyable.

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Protégé Mentee Application is now live!

Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles recently put out a call for arts mentors for our 2016 Protege mentor program, and the response was fantastic. After careful consideration, we have narrowed down the mentor candidates to six.

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Get more involved in EAL/LA. Join the Leadership Council!

EAL/LA has 11 open spots for At-Large Members of the Leadership Council (LC). The LC is a volunteer committee that steers, plans, and implements EAL/LA’s programming and services. At-Large Members (ALM) ensure the mission and vision of EAL/LA are fulfilled by providing hands-on work in programming, marketing and communications, and development.

What are the benefits of being an ALM?

  • $350 personal Professional Development Fund

  • Free classes at the Center for Nonprofit Management

  • Hands-on professional development, board service, and leadership experience

  • New friends & networks galore (citywide, statewide, and nationwide)!


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Am I Still an Artist?

When I graduated college with a fine arts degree in painting, I assumed that I would always have a studio and painting would be a regular part of my life. Spoiler: that’s not what happened.

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The Great White Technicolor!


This past winter, thanks to Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles, I was able to experience one of the most diverse Broadway seasons in years. At the forefront of my passion in becoming an arts administrator has always been my commitment to equity and diversity. Allowing a mixed bag of voices into the conversation and fabric of our society can create more dynamic experiences that can help us all learn and grow. I love hearing stories. Seeing them come to life onstage gives me the continual courage to keep living my dreams as an arts administrator. Through my work, I see it as my duty to provide and/or support the platform for these stories to be heard.

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Behind the Scenes and In Front of the Curtain: Striving for Work/Life/Creativity Balance in the Arts

I didn’t have much of an idea about what I wanted to be when I grew up. As a sassy, nonconformist, theater-loving high school student who occasionally battled with teachers and administration, I just knew that being behind a desk in a corporate environment was not for me. I also knew I didn’t want to do any type of math in college, or in life, ever. This landed me at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I learned the hard way that although there was no math requirement, get this—music is based in math! Who’d have guessed?

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